Stump Grinding

Removing remnants of felled trees to reclaim the land.

Stumps from felled trees cause many problems for their owners.

  • You can't plant in the surrounding soil becuse the root system is still alive.
  • The stump can resprout (suckering) again and again.
  • The roots can host disease like honey fungus, affecting the health of your other trees.

Leaving stumps in situ is simply not worth the risk.

We can remove any tree stump no matter how big or small and we can grind them down well below ground level to make future replanting a viable option. And unlike many companies, we own our stump grinder which means we aren't wasting your money on expensive hire units or subcontractors.

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All work carried out to BS3998 for tree work by NPTC-qualified arborists.

NPTC Qualified